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HeartSpeak is a new energy protocol that I've more recently learned.

I'm finding it really effective to help people discover a more positive outlook.

It works with the emotional mind rather than the logical mind and can facilitate huge shifts and profound changes.


HeartSpeak uses muscle response testing, as the way to get to the heart of the issue. What clients like about HeartSpeak is, that during the process, you can remain quite private about what you are exploring - and it is also very empowering. You get to go as deep into each feeling as you wish. The end result is an enhanced sense of peace, ease and clarity. You will love it!

HeartSpeak softens triggers, breaks the habits of automatic behaviours and reactions and help deal with unresolved emotional content. All of this allows more freedom, growth and joy.



''HeartSpeak sessions with Fiona, allowed me to realise that I felt so pushed all the time by the belief that I wasn't working hard enough. This was making me try too hard in everything. I was tense and exhausted, and sometimes I felt so defeated, that I even wanted to give up playing the violin.

Before an important duo recital, I had a combination of HeartSpeak and musical coaching sessions with Fiona. We focussed on how to keep openness and energetic freedom, which encouraged me to relax and be present in the moment, instead of overthinking, working too hard and closing down.

It was also a real bonus to work with someone who is a musician but not a violinist!

In the concert I opened up and played with joy and freedom. What a difference! I am so grateful!''

A.S. professional violinist


''I had a very strong reaction to the work I did with you yesterday.

Anyway, today I feel quite different and have already romped effortlessly through my 'to do' list that has been sitting neglected for weeks.

Strong stuff this HeartSpeak! So much respect for this work!''

R.I. Devon


''Healing Self from a place of Self love with HeartSpeak

Fiona is an open-minded, non-judgmental, kind, life-experienced guide, in this gentle process of self discovery. Working with her has allowed me to make more progress in my personal development than in any other method or therapy, and this in a matter of minutes rather than weeks or years. I am very grateful to work with her and recommend her highly.

I found it to be a non- inasive technique that offers a deep and clear connection with my inner self and the All Knowing Wisdom that is embedded in each of us. Thoughts and emotions revealed through this connection, allow us to learn about who we really are, and how our subconcious has motivated us to move in the world.

Many emotions stem from experiences in the past and holding on to these can block us from finding  true Self-acceptance.

HeartSpeak allows one to deal with this, and so much more, in a simple , loving way without having to share any of your deepest revelations with the practitioner if you choose not to.

During the session, negative patterns are acknowledged and removed, by a process that replaces them with loving and life enhancing thought and feelings.''

A.R. Singer/Singing Teacher London


HeartSpeak sessions are simple but the effect is immediate. I went to somewhere unexpected and extraordinary in the first session which facilitated a big shift. I'm left feeling resilient and grounded.''

J.S. Oxford

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