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Emotional Freedom Technique

Lovely bunch of 'tapsters', after a workshop introducing EFT as a Self-Help Tool at Sally Burgess Summer School for Singers

I've given intros to EFT workshops for AOTOS (Association of Singing Teachers) BVA (British Voice Association) and often at Oxenfoord International Singing Summer School. I gave an hour's intro to EFT as a self help tool and other energy work in June '18 at David Jones Teaching Seminar in NYC.

As well as working with people individually, it feels really worthwhile to be sewing energy protocol seeds in workshops too.



is an evidence based technique that combines the power of Chinese accupressure and modern psychology, which enables outstanding results with both physical and emotional issues. It is being increasingly used worldwide and offers us simple means to lasting changes.

It works to help people break free from anxiety, stress, self-doubt, tension, unwanted destructive habits, past negative experiences and much more! One of it's most exciting features is that can be used as a self-help tool, although more complicated problems are best worked through with a skillful practitioner.

I am a level 3 (AAMET) practitioner who has also trained in Picture Tapping,Provcative Energy Techniques, Advanced Energy Techniques and Matrix Reimprinting


''I just wanted to give you some feed back from our session last week.

The week before I saw you, I was just beginning to feel the effects of not taking anti-depressants and was just a bit wobbly.

Anyway, the past few days I have felt fantastic. Hard to quantify what is different, but my smile is back big time and my energy levels are soaring. I feel as if some kind of emotional block has shifted, the idea of consigning things to the past I found very powerful and also concentrating on the present and allowing myself to enjoy simple pleasures which out feeling I should be trying to achieve something in my time.

The other thing I now feel is, if I do have a wobbly moment, I now have tools to deal with it other than reaching for pills, which I was my only previous option.

I’m amazed!''  MR Singer/Singing Teacher



''Through a combination of EFT and singing coaching, Fiona has helped me regain confidence, both vocally and personally.

Her support, encouragement and expertise has enabled me to become more embodied and comfortable in my physicality as I sing. I'm able to be more aware, release tensions and sing with more emotional freedom.

Fiona's teaching has allowed me to gain more control of what I do as a singer and I have found expansiveness and richness to my sound that seemed impossible before.'' E.T. Singer



''I was using beta-blockers to get through auditions and performances. Since an EFT session with Fiona over a year ago, I no longer need them.  I now use tapping on myself, as part of what keeps me calm...in life,... and for singing! ''

B.S. Singer  Oxenfoord Summer School



'The sessions I did with Fiona were immensely helpful, and saved me from a very dark phase in my life. They came at a critical time and completely turned my life around. They took me out of a confused, lost and defeatist state and gave me insight into why I was feeling so bad. More importantly, they were the key to me changing to a much more positive frame of mind.

With Fiona, I was able to confidently explore and resolve deep seated trauma in a safe and supportive environment. I feel like a different person and I am so much more confident in myself as a person and as an artist. I recommend Fiona wholeheartedly.'

HK, vocalist