Fiona Dobie     Singing Teacher/ EFT Practitioner

Welcome to my website!  


I am an associate singing teacher of David Jones.


I am an advanced EFT practitioner,(AAMET) trained in Picture Tapping and Matrix Re-imprinting.





I am proud to be an associate teacher of David Jones, the NYC based international singing teacher.

David's 'Swedish Italian Technique' comes from a distinguished line leading from the Italian bel canto school, through the teachers of Jussi Bjorling and Kirsten Flagstadt to the present day. David is constantly exploring and building on this invaluable information from the past.

I also integrate what I learn from David, with Meribeth Dayme's 'Core singing' ideas,which allow energy and imagination to free up in an inspirational way. I combine the wisdom of both with my own experience as a singer and teacher.

My practice is based in Oxford.


  In singing lessons with me, you can expect :


  exploration of most effective posture, breathing and support

  encouragement to be present and aware rather than overthinking

  to free and strengthen your voice

  to access confident and musically expressive singing

  to be creative and use your imagination

  to develop how to communicate in an authentic and compelling way

  a collaborative and respectful teaching style

  help with Italian, French and German pronounciation

  to enjoy the experience and improve your skills!







I discovered 'tapping' over seven years ago and I'm so grateful for the positive changes in my own life because of it.




EFT is an evidence based transformative practice, combining tapping on chinese accupressure/meridian points while paying attention to how you are feeling physically and  emotionally. Meridian tapping is a genuinely effectively and revolutionary way of changing human emotions and behaviour for the better.


Using EFT you can :


release stress, tension and anxiety

transform old unhelpful patterns and beliefs 

become calmer, more peaceful and empowered

easily learn how to use 'tapping' as a self -help tool

become healthier and happier

move beyond the current barriers and limitations that you perceive.

 use for peak performance

.... and much more!


There is more information about EFT, and my background as a singer/teacher on the rest of this website.


Singing lessons are usually done at my home in Oxford.

EFT sessions are available in Oxford too, and also possible by Skype or phone.


Do get in touch if you feel I might be able to help you.














Photograph by Sarah Wood